Relationship Skills Quiz

Good relationships are an important dimension of True Wealth. See how you rate on the following specifics of relationship health. Rate yourself on a 0-4 scale on each of the following items.  A rating of “0” is “not true at all”, “2” is “mostly or usually not true of me”, “3” means “usually or mostly true of me”, and “4”  is “very true or always true of me”.

  • People who know me say I am a good listener.
  • I tell my parents / kids / spouse regularly “I love you”.
  • I’m good at facing and resolving conflict, and tend to address relationship problems early.
  • I get along well with my sibling(s) and other family members.
  • I get along well with my co-workers / clients / managers / staff.
  • I am appropriately open in relationships; not hampered by issues like mistrust or fear.
  • I am not overly “needy” in important relationships.
  • I have “let go” (ended, walked away) of relationships which drag me down or damage me.
  • I have apologized or attempted to communicate with everyone I have damaged, injured, upset, even if it was not fully my fault.
  • I do not talk negatively about, look down upon, or gossip about others.
  • I have a circle of friends / family who love me for who I am, not only what I do for them.
  • I am able to make requests of people and / or tell them specifically what I need.
  • I am usually up to date with my communications by phone, e-mail, and letter.
  • I look for ways to be of service to people in a balanced and healthy way.
  • I usually get enough love and nurture from people around me to meet my needs.
  • I am able to, and tend to forgive those people who have hurt or damaged me, intentional or not.
  • I am a person of my word:  people can count on me.
  • I am not vulnerable to the rules, guilt or preferences of others, and can say “no” when appropriate.
  • I am in tune with the wants and needs of my loved ones, and take action when appropriate.
  • I am in tune with my own wants and needs, and usually take action to get them taken care of.
  • I have a structured mentor from whom I seek feedback, learning and suggestions for change.
  • I do not “take things personally”;  I’m not overly sensitive.
  • I have a best friend or soul-mate with whom I communicate regularly.
  • I do not harbor experiences from the past which keep me from being frank and open.
  • My friends and relatives do not see me as “controlling”.___   TOTAL  (out of 100 possible)

Be determined to open the pathway to experiencing deeper relationships as a dimension of wealth. Enlist a friend, mentor or counselor to help you enrich your relationships at this critical life juncture.  Set specific goals with time limits and keep working at it until your score is 90 or above.

Douglas Anderson, Psy. D.
Revised January, 2016

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