Life Directions Financial's
Four Pillars

We help you embrace a new vision of retirement and find financial direction in an uncertain world through four dimensions of true wealth.

Financial Freedom

At Life Directions Financial, we recognize the importance of finances as foundational to retirement planning. Our independence contributes to an atmosphere of trust because our clients are confident that their needs come first. Financial recommendations are tailored to our clients' individual needs and not influenced by traditional “house agendas.” As part of our holistic approach, we believe it is important to see financial freedom within a wider view of wealth: as fuel for good health, loving relationships, purposeful living, and meaningful giving.

Health & Longevity

Why have you worked so diligently all your life to accumulate a robust retirement nest egg? What good is it even to cultivate deeper relationships and a more satisfying level of purpose and significance if you lack the health, energy, and longevity to enjoy them? Drawing from a lifetime of experience and research, Life Directions Financial provides resources, both traditional and non-traditional, to help enhance your vitality and health so you can fully enjoy the great years ahead.

Purpose & Meaning

With the transition out of lifelong vocational work comes a new challenge for many: the forging of a new identity. “Who am I now if I am not what I do?" For some this is terrifying, for others just an ache or longing to make it better than it has been. Deepening relationships and joining a cause or mission bigger than oneself are pursuits of more lasting and meaningful significance than endless, empty leisure. But how do you achieve this? At Life Directions Financial, we offer resources and structure for discovering and developing this essential element of life after retirement.

Charitable Vision

What would you like to be known for while you are living and remembered for after you are gone? What is on your bucket list? How can you be deliberate, creative and impactful in the process of leaving your mark on this world? Legacy is the crowning piece of true wealth. Once you have secured your financial future, enhanced your health and vitality, added depth and meaning to your life and the lives of others, here is where you can put it all together with ideas and resources for creating a lasting legacy. We can help.