Your New Vision of Retirement Plan

A surprising number of Americans do not have adequate plans for retirement. I invite you to consider with me some inherent factors to be thoughtfully addressed in a holistic “wealth management” strategy for retirement. Below are some provoking questions to get you thinking about your New Vision of Retirement.


  • Budget: Will I realistically need more or less for comfortable living in the years ahead?
  • Inflation: What may be the impact of various inflation scenarios?
  • Taxes: What strategies are available to help mitigate the effect of possibly higher rates?
  • Income: What tools and strategies are available to help provide income for a lifetime?

Investment Related:

  • Volatility: Why is this factor so much more important in retirement years?
  • Investments: What changes are appropriate for this stage of life?
  • Sequence of Returns: How Will the returns of early years influence how long my money will last?
  • Risk assessment: How well does my scientifically-derived risk score match my actual portfolio holdings?

Age Appropriateness:

  • Priorities: How can I best manage the shifting importance of income, growth, safety and liquidity as I approach retirement?
  • Costs of care: Can I afford to make assumptions about short and long term care, and how can I get objective information about the size of risks and alternative options for handling?
  • Social Security: How have the rules changed and how can I be objective about the costs vs. benefits of the many options open to me?
  • Longevity: How is living too long a risk, and what tools are available to handle it?

Other Aspects of True Wealth:

  • Freedom: How does knowing the truth add wealth and abundance in retirement?
  • Wellness: What good is wealth without health and what can I do to maximize health?
  • Meaningful living: Abundance is far more than enough money. What is your purpose?
  • Relationships: Have you a “relationship score” which gives you concrete steps for improvement?


  • Financial Legacy: Are there tools available which allow you to enjoy your giving while living and still give the same wealth to your causes or loved ones at death?
  • Personal Legacy: What do you want to be known for and how can you get there?

Professional Expertise:

  • Fiduciary: What is the difference between suitabality vs. fiduciary standards?
  • Specialization: Does a friendly connection trump skill and experience?
  • Transparency: Do you value frank “pros and cons” discussion of choices?
  • Research: Is the advice you get based more on “agenda” or your interests?
  • Holistic: What is your True Wealth Index score?

If you have any questions regarding any of these topics or if you would like to discuss them further, please call the office to schedule an appointment with me.

To your Health & Wealth,

Doug Anderson