Meet Life Directions Financial

It is a pleasure to meet you. At Life Directions Financial we take finances and planning seriously.  Our independence contributes to an atmosphere of trust because our clients are certain that their needs come first, and that our recommendations are not contaminated by others’ agendas.

Values to which we subscribe:

  • Ethical: We have an ethical and moral responsibility to understand the needs of our clients and serve them at all times with their best interests in mind
  • Professional: We are professional and comprehensive in our planning approach
  • Fiduciary: As professionals, we have a “fiduciary” responsibility to put client’s needs first
  • Unhurried: We proceed thoughtfully, deliberately, and step-wise
  • Objective: Any solution must be clear and thoroughly understood by the client, including a fair and accurate view of the “pros and cons”
  • Client – Centered: Any solution must clearly put the client(s) in a better position with regards to their needs and goals
  • Trustworthy Referral: We work closely, when appropriate, with related professionals (for example: CPAs, Lawyers, Estate Planners)
  • Safe Giving Strategies: For charitable giving strategies, we do not use “investment products” or any financial tool having market risk.
  • Conservative: We make use of both “guaranteed” products (principle will not be lost, payments will not change , contract is insured, and not at market risk), and strategically managed investment products.
  • Transparent: We clarify the safety level of the companies and products we utilize

(e. g. independent ratings, history, amount and type of guarantee against losses, who and how their funds are handled, etc.)