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    Life Directions Financial is dedicated to helping our clients find financial confidence on the road to enriched and fulfilled living. We aim to help our clients embrace a new vision of retirement and find financial direction in an uncertain world. Our primary focus is in leveraged retirement income analysis and planning, conservative investing, properly structured life insurance strategies providing tax free benefits, and creative, tax-efficient charitable giving methodologies.

    At Life Directions Financial we take finances and planning seriously. Our independence contributes to an atmosphere of trust because our clients are certain that their needs come first.

    Standards to which we subscribe:

    Fiduciary: As professionals, we have a fiduciary responsibility to put clients' needs first. We are ethically and morally minded and always seek to understand the needs of our clients and serve them at all times with their best interests prioritized. 

    Respectful: Each individual has unique needs. We revere this and seek to help our clients work towards their specific goals and objectives. 

    Objective: Any solution we recommend to our clients must be clear and thoroughly understood. Further, it will include a fair and accurate “pros and cons” discussion of all tools and strategies being utilized.

    Client-Centered: Any solution we recommend strives to address the the personal concerns of our clients and place them in a better position with regards to their needs and goals. We make a point of working thoughtfully, deliberately, and stepwise with a respect for our clients’ personal decision-making process and schedule.

    Trusted Referral: When appropriate, we work closely with related professionals (e.g. CPAs, Lawyers, Estate Planners). 

    Age-Appropriate Investing: We make use of both loss-protected products (principal is safe from market risk, contract is insured) and strategically managed investment portfolios (matched to individual risk assessments) to help our clients pursue their financial goals.

    Educational: We research and analyze all the tools we offer along with the companies behind them (e.g. independent ratings, history, amount and type of guarantee against losses, how and by whom funds are handled, etc.). This enables us to present recommendations with relevance and insight, as well as answer questions effectively and increase understanding throughout the process.

    We enjoy working with select clients who appreciate and embrace these standards.

    Douglas Anderson | Wealth Manager, Founder, Owner, CEO

    Douglas Anderson is the owner and CEO of Life Directions Financial LLC. He has more than 17 years of experience with risk management and finance in the insurance and annuity industry and holds three degrees, including a clinical doctorate in psychology. He has extensive experience as a public speaker and facilitator of groups.

    Douglas holds his life and disability insurance licenses in Washington, Georgia, Texas, California, Kansas, Arizona, North Dakota, Oregon, and Florida and has passed the Series 65 exam for securities. He is a member of the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and Advisors in Philanthropy. He is also a board member of three non-profit organizations and is associated with a nationwide consortium of some of the nation's best financial advisors which provides excellent resources, expertise, and support.

    Douglas has a clear understanding of the needs, goals, values, and desired accomplishments of his clients which comes with a professional level of empathetic listening. He upholds a responsibility to put the needs of clients first and to always be learning and growing. He recognizes the common need for clients to shift toward more conservative investments as they near retirement. He also has a respect for age-appropriate and distinctively different financial tools including insurance products that offer guarantees in retirement years. Additionally, Douglas provides business perspective as he has successfully founded, owned, operated, and sold several business ventures.

    Douglas promotes and encourages the discovery and utilization of "True Wealth." A "True Wealth" perspective includes not only financial wholeness but also enhancement of health and longevity, creating a compelling life purpose and significance, growing healthier and deeper relationships, as well as providing vision and effective strategies for charitable giving.

    Douglas resides in Issaquah, Washington, with his wife of more than 48 years. Together, they have four children and eight grandchildren. In his free time, Douglas enjoys snow and water skiing, gardening, and travel.

    To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and the possible role of insurance and investments in your financial strategy with Douglas, contact us at service@lifedirectionsfinancial.com or call us at (425) 677-8995.

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